1. What are system requirements for using App Cleaner & Uninstaller?

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is compatible with OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor.

2. What is the benefit of using App Cleaner & Uninstaller?

When you delete apps by just dragging and dropping apps to Trash, the service files created during the apps’ run, remain on your disk and take up useless space on your Mac. App Cleaner & Uninstaller allows you to uninstall apps completely preventing leaving their remains. As a result, you keep your Mac clean from junk files and make it run smoothly as it is always new.

3. Why does App Cleaner & Uninstaller need grand access to my Home folder?

The Home folder is a folder where all your files are stored: documents, music, movies, pictures, downloads, cloud storages and so on. Service files of apps are also stored in your Home folder. So to allow App Cleaner & Uninstaller files service of apps and uninstall them completely, you need to confirm a grant access to your Home folder.

4. What files are shown in the Remains tab?

Remains are service files of already deleted apps from your Mac. These service files remain on your Mac when you just drag and drop apps to Trash.

5. Can I uninstall default Apple apps with App Cleaner & Uninstaller?

App Cleaner & Uninstaller does not allow you to uninstall apps from Apple, due to the security reasons. Uninstalling Apple apps may damage your system.

6. Is it safe to remove extensions?

Deleting user extensions is safe. When you delete User Extensions, it just resets the app to the default state. The opposite situation is with core extensions. You have to be careful with Core Extensions as their removal may damage your system.

7. Can I uninstall apps completely when removing them to the Trash?

You can enable the option “Check removed application for a complete cleanup” in Preferences so that to allow App Cleaner & Uninstaller monitor deleting apps on your Mac and find remains for them. In this case, each time when you drag an app to Trash, App Cleaner & Uninstaller will show you a notification to delete its service files.

8. Can I recover uninstalled apps?

By default, App Cleaner & Uninstaller deletes apps and their service files to the Trash, so that you can recover them later. Just make sure, that the option “Remove files permanently” is disabled in the Preferences → Remove section.

9. Can App Cleaner & Uninstaller uninstall apps from another system?

No. App Cleaner & Uninstaller deletes apps from the active Mac operating system only and does not support external hard drives.

10. Can I uninstall apps that are outside the Application folder?

Yes. Just find the app you want to uninstall and drag and drop it to the App Cleaner & Uninstaller’s window. Then just click the Remove button.

11. When I click to show a file in Finder, I get an error notification, that this file is hidden. What are hidden files?

By default, Apple hides some service files, such as preferences, caches, logs and so on. MacOS does it in order to prevent accidental deletion of them. That’s why App Cleaner & Uninstaller can’t access some system folders and files.